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Summit International Prep Employee of the Month 2013-14


Summit Primary

Olive White

Her tireless commitment to going above and beyond to dowhatever is needed to help our scholars and our team. Mrs. White has doneeverything from serving breakfast for our kindergarteners and first graders toteaching our library special to the kindergarten classes and taking on 1stand 2nd grade TPRI administration – all with a smile despite allbeing outside of her regular duties. Mrs. White is an invaluable asset tothe Primary School Team!

Summit Secondary

Andy Estrada

Mr.Estrada joined the Summit team in June.He immediately began to collaboratively work with other campus teachersand leaders to create and facilitate 6th Grade Transition Camp. He also has been the leading force behindimplementing the new campus positive behavior and choice tracker. Mr. Estrada consistently shows up to work witha smile on his face and a “Do whatever it takes” attitude.

Summit High 

Lisa Flores

This commendation is for an employee who demonstratessuperior communication skills and flexibility. From navigating car lines to onboardingnew employees to scheduling ARDS, this employee does it with a smile. LisaFlores is Summit High School’s Employee of the Month.

Last Modified on September 22, 2011
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